Planes, trains and automobiles…travel can be exhausting! We all look forward to a getaway, but the process of getting to and fro can definitely take its toll. In anticipating my trip that is ahead…I’ve put together a collection of some clever tips and tricks to better a traveling experience!

When en route makeup and products take a thrashing! Here are a few tips to provide a trip with less mess in your suitcase!


{Skip having your accessories bag look like a big ball of clumped together metal! Use straws to weave your necklace through to prevent tangling. Slip in a small ziplock back after to have them safe and separated from other jewelry.}


{Another great tip is to protect your mineral makeup. We’ve all opened up our loose powder makeup to a puff of dust and powder everywhere. Avoid all your makeup from being drained out of the sifters by packing the inside with cotton balls, then screwing on the cap. The more stuffed the better!}


{The air cabin pressure causes products to explode or leak through the disk caps. To avoid opening your ziplock baggie to a gooey spilled mess: Unscrew the cap and put a square of saran wrap over the mouth of the product, then screw cap back on. This will give your product double the protection and barrier! It’s so worth the 2 minutes it takes to prevent loosing precious product.}
It’s also important to take care of yourself on the flight! It is an unusual environment for our bodies to adapt to. The elevation, recycled air, cabin pressure and being confined to a small space…all takes a toll on us.

-Be sure to hydrate hydrate hydrate. In flight travel is immensely dehydrating, so triple your normal intake.Water of course..but also take advantage of the fruit and vegetable juices on the plane. Beverages that are rich in electrolytes will help further nourish and hydrate the cells.

-Don’t forget about your skin! Avoid every drop of hydrating from being sucked from your skin as well. Apply a physical sunblock(waterproof), one with zinc or titanium dioxide. Sounds funny, but works like a charm! It helps create a protective seal over the skin to help prevent moisture loss. Think..if it’s waterproof…it’s waterloss proof! Water can’t get in, water can’t get out! My favorite trick. Layer over a hydrating serum or moisturizer to increase the benefits.

-Make sure to get up, stretch and walk around to avoid swelling and puffiness in face, feet and joints.


On this trip we are island bound! So of course we have to consider the rainforest and humidity! In my research to find a natural bug off (I hate the nasty sticky and smelly sprays)..these are some of the tricks that I found!

-Garlic: When ingested, it purges through the pores, and the smell acts as a repellant. To humans and bugs!:)

-B-1: I am curious to try this, it is said¬†that bugs do not like the odor of the vitamin, taken orally. A smell that humans can’t detect!

-Citronella essential oil: Essential oils have so many benefits!(here’s a previous post on essential oils). Applied topically, this oil provides an odor that acts as a bug repellant as well, except it’s a nice citrus scent to humans. Apply liberally before venturing in the rainforest! To ward off bugs and mosquitos in the room, add a couple drops into an unscented tea light.


Now, I have no silly tricks for avoiding beachy hair, or sand in the swimsuit. For those are all things I embrace!

Happy traveling for your future adventures!

What do you think?:)